2004 - HYP002 - REVIEWS

What the Press said about ‘Spit’. . .
IDJ – Dancehall/Roots/Ragga Single of the Month – September ’04
“Having gatecrashed garage’s dubstep domain with their debut “Sign of the Dub’, the London-based duo now follow up that seismic rumble with this enviably deep cruise through the bush of ghosts. Spectral ska chords, a battering ram bassline and the dread-heavy resonance on Daddi Gee’s Satanic sermon supplies a crucial ride into the heart of darkness. Dystopian dub for William Gibson’s cyber generation.”

DJ Magazine – Uk Garage - August/September ’04
“Some seriously dready dubstep from Kode9 featuring some Rasta-style meditative vocals from the deeply resonant Daddi Gee. Heavily poetic with its spoken word style, lyrically this is as rolling and hypnotic as the beats. Kode9 lays down a cavernously deep rhythm track with a sonorous bassline pulse and echo chamber stabs. Like Horsepower fused with dark, dub poetry, this is pungent.”